Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cannon has blasted off!

Well as fast I got here, I'm gone. I found this really nice lady who came to visit with her older dog today. She was a really old dog but I liked her just fine and she liked me too. The lady was really nice too and I charmed my way into her heart and her VW beetle! I have this way of putting my head on your lap and just sticking around....anyway, I got her! So she took all my stuff and me and whisked us away to Southern Maryland. I think I'll be really happy with her. She's a high school math teacher and my foster mother says that if she can teach high schoolers, she can do anything with a greyhound! Adios!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

BOOM!!! Cannon is here...

Ok so I might not look as impressive and powerful as a big cannon but I have arrived yesterday. Rumor has it that I might not be here too long since my foster dad from my other foster home, said that someone was interested in me! I was in a home for about 4 years and they could no longer keep me so I was in a foster home for about two weeks. Then they had to go on a trip. So I'm at a babysitter....how demeaning! I am not a baby!
What I am is SOOOO SWEET! I like to hang out with people but am not pushy. I am perfectly content to find a spot near you and lay down. Other times if I want your attention I gently rest my head on your leg, arm, or chair arm. I will stand there that way for a long time! Anyway this new house has a cat---I'm curious but he hisses at me! and two birds. Wow do they make funny noises. Stairs are a breeze and I am quite polite and haven't removed any goodies from the counters or trash. Bedtime was neat. My babysitter took me in her bedroom and had me sleep on a bed on the floor. I got up once in the night to go out but was fine after that.
Ok so I'll keep my public posted on the person who was interested. I hope that will be my forever home!