Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A little quiet here

Well I have to tell you, public...it was quiet around here. Dillon left on Sunday...the Easter bunny brought him a nice couple and they took him home! Wow I don't know how the Easter bunny fit those people in the basket but he's a pretty tricky rabbit anyway.

As for me, I have been hogging all the attention the last couple of days. Wow it's been great. Anyway, tonight I went with my friend that came to visit me before I was adopted last time. I was so happy to see him. I figured he'd come back for me. We were meant to be a great team. He's great. I wagged my tail and greeted him. Then he took out the leash. Someone trained him well. I thought he'd forgotten about me. Guess what? I'm going to live at the State Capital....ok well not at the actual building but in Annapolis. I'll keep you posted on the politics I try to rearrange!!! Who needs Democrats and Republicans? Vote for Greyhounds!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ok Guess what happened? Hooper's Back and Dillon's gone!

(I think mom has had enough....kids, dogs! What next?!)

No one would ever believe this, but we greyhounds really ganged up on our foster mom. Let me explain...

Ok so Hooper's family didn't work out so Hooper is back with us now. He got here yesterday. I am quite happy and believe it or not....no longer need my magic carpet. In fact I came right up the steps and walked down the hardwood floor with the open stair railing (wow was that scarey!!!! I am SOO brave) to my foster mom's bed and you see what happened! Poor mom....she had to find another place to sleep. She knows who's the boss.

So now that you know my accomplishments I have to tell you some things....I ate a stick of butter off of the counter...wow was that good....wow did that give me gas...and wow did I get into trouble. Ok so that was yesterday...the day before, I finished off my human foster brother's chocolate chip cookie bar birthday cake. Oh come on...I left him a tiny square with a a little slobber to boot! I'm not that selfish. Buuuuuttt....the good thing is that I am housebroken or at least I haven't had an accident. I just need a muzzle to help me to control my counter surfing.

Ok enough bragging. A nice man came to visit me last week and decided to adopt me but he really wanted Hooper (he had seen Hooper first)....so....guess what ??! Hooper has ANOTHER HOME now! Never fear...this nice couple came today and swept me off my feet and took me away to a great home. By the way, they have a really cool SUV! I will definitely put my head on their shoulder as they drive. I like to be with people and these people are just perfect. I just hope they have lots of kisses for me (and a nice sofa and a nice bed). They've been trained by greyhounds so I think they know what they're doing. TTYL -that's teenager for talk to you later!

Hooper is supposed to go to his home this week.

Good Luck Hooper - fun to play with you!