Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I knew they'd come back!

Well I adopted some girls. They are wonderful! One is going into high

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ha! I've lost my collar! Do I care? NOT!

Ok so last night I slept in my foster sister's room. She was not happy about that, but I was a good boy. I slept on a bed on the floor and didn't make a peep until my foster brother (big 16 year old guy) got up for work around 6. Mom says I had my collar, but 'blip' now it's gone. So I'm wearing a temporary one while all the humans in the house go nuts looking for my flashy flame one. Frankly, I think it's sorta funny :)

So as you see I've gotten quite comfortable. My other foster sister picks on me and the way I hold my ears sometimes. Truthfully she plays with my ears a lot and I really like it! So anyway, if you're interested in coming to visit, please call Denise or visit http://www.greyrescue.com/ and come sweep me off my feet...oh that's right, I'm already off my feet! Tee hee!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm back and my name is Dino now!

Hi you might remember me. I used to be named Damron but now my name is Dino. Yup just like the dinosaur pet on the Flintstones. A little embarrassing and not so manly, but I'm wonderful anyway. you know what I can do? I can do steps and I'm cat safe. And I love hugs and kisses! I'm not sure what I'll be doing for my sleeping arrangements tonight. My other family told my foster mom that I liked my crate. So we'll see. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Ok gotta go. It's been a tiring day.