Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Magic Carpet

Ok so I'm a little weird. I have some difficulty...but I'm getting therapy for it....I don't particularly like bare floors. So the first day I was here my foster mom and family had to make a path with towels across the kitchen floor so i would walk through it. All right no smart comments. I just like to think of myself as a Jeannie. I can fly ... or so I think.

Ok so so far the cat and I are getting along. I think he thinks I'm the last dog that was here. Ha! got him fooled! I also like car rides too and I'm learning how to go on walks on a leash. Oh and I slept the first night with my foster sister. She's so nice! I haven't figured out the steps yet but I'm sure I'll get there. Oh and did I mention that I LOVE kisses?!! Ok enough for now. I have to go hold down the dog bed. Bye....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dillon is here!

Ok where are the rugs? These bare floors are too much for me! Anyway, I am Dillon and I arrived at my foster home today. I have made friends with all the people here and the dogs too! I charm the people with wagging my tail, and I LOVE hugs and kisses as you can tell from my pictures. So far today I have conquered the back steps to get in and outside and was a great rider in the car (although I certainly think I can drive better...and tried to get into the front seat) Anyway, I'll let you know how I am doing tomorrow once I have explored more of this house. If you have some kisses for me and a good home, let Denise know.
PS I'm the handsome one in the picture that is NOT wearing a gray sweatshirt!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hooper Found a Home!

Ok fans...I now have a home. These two great guys came to visit me. They took me on a walk across the street too. I kept hearing my foster mom's voice though. I really love her but I did over hear her talking to them about me needing to take over their bed. They must have agreed because they are now driving home with me. I wonder if it's a king size? You think it's a water bed? A Tempra Pedic? You know I need the best bed around....I'm accsutomed to a Sleep Number myself...I'm a #40. Ok well I digress. Enough for now. Off to my new home!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quite at home

As you see me and my foster brother have become good friends. He's an older guy not like the other one who is brindle. Anyway, I have made friends with everyone in the house, even the cat. Yes the cat has finally accepted me. He still walks by and hisses but maybe it's not me? Maybe he's looking at someone behind me. Good grief I'm a great guy. I even let my foster mom brush my teeth in the morning. Ok well gotta go hold down the dogbed or the couch. No fun outside in this messy weather-cause then I have to have my feet dried off. No time for that nonsense! G2G...TTYL

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have conquered the steps...the bed ...and my foster mom!

ok so I went up the steps the other night and now I am truly a pro. I can go up and down smoothly and safely! As for the others in the house, the cat is finally surfacing so maybe I'll get to sniff him after all!

So as you see from the picture, I have also conquered the bed. Me and my foster brothers just took over. We made quite a mess of the bed don't you agree?! She wasn't thrilled but you know as they say, there is power in numbers !!

So after I conquered the steps and mom's bed the other night I had a busy day yesterday. I had these nice people come and visit me but they decided on another greyhound up here in Carroll County. That's ok...I still have to train these humans anyway! But if YOU'RE interested in me, I'd love to meet you. Just contact Denise and she can make arrangements with me to get together. Ok enough of this....back to bed!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ok Now I'm a true Greyhound


I am now a true greyhound. I figured out how to get up on the couch. See? Don't I look handsome. I think this position suits me, don't you? Anyway, I'm a little disturbed. My foster brothers keep disappearing...they go up...these things that go up into a big hole. Mom says they're steps. Now I can do the short sets of 3-4, but WOW those steps upstairs, I'm not up for yet. I'm sure though just like the couch, I'll get it.

Well tonight will be the test. My human foster sister is gone for the night so my bed will be elsewhere. My gosh, what will I do? I will certainly let you know.

Ok so here's an update on my skills. I like the cat...though he doesn't seem to like me much! I love the ride in the car. It's so much fun to look out the window. I can sit like a nice gentleman and then I lay down for most of the ride and chill out.

Ok eating....this is a problem. My foster mom calls me a pig. I do have sort of a curly tail. Do you think that's it? I doubt it could be the fact that I lunge into my food and end up by knocking the dish off the bench. What do you think?

Beyond that I am wonderfully mannered. I no longer try to get out the door and on the bus with the kids. It's kinda nice just to watch them go out. They ALWAYS come back, and then they play with me and KISS ME! wow life is good. Ok....back to my nap on the couch. I'm getting carpal tunnel paw from writing.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ok - who is who?

Ok so one might think that I'd been in a home for quite a while but no, it has only been a little over 24 hours since I arrived.

So here's the update...

last night I slept in my foster sister's room...she's not a dog by the way..she's actually kinda cute for a human. If you want, you can check her out on the greyhound rescue site's latest newsletter. Anyway, I digress...last night I slept on this really pretty blue and white puffy comforter on the floor. I slept like a baby ALL night. Then today I went into the dog crate and stayed there for the day....no accidents.

So here are my wonderful traits....

I can walk on a leash like a gentleman, I haven't done any counter cruising, and I only peed on the bag of recycling once. Boy did I get yelled at for that. I also got yelled at for putting my paws up on the bird cage table. Come on guys, they squeek. Speaking of squeekies, I like the squeekie toys and rawhides and tennis balls. Did I mention tennis balls???!!!

So did you figure out which one is me? The other one is Jack...my foster brother.

Ok....enough waiting I'm on the more handsome and intelligent looking one on the right.