Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Friday, October 30, 2009

I have some confessions...

OK, my mom told me I need to do some confessions. That I need to tell the public about myself. So here goes...

#1 I'm a hoarder. I manage throughout the day to snatch all the fluffies and put them in my crate. It makes me feel so secure.
#2 I'm a hidden player. My crate is in the dining room and my foster mom said that she hears me jumping and throwing things around. I won't admit it though. When she comes to check she said she has caught me throwing the toys in the air. Once I see her I stop and run to my crate. It's my little secret! Can't a guy have a guilty pleasure?!

Ok so here are some other updates. I've been going on some car rides. They're ok! Mom takes me in and out of places. Not sure what the purpose is but I see a lot of people. I even went to a football stadium the other night and saw a marching band! Wow was the sousaphone loud!!! Drums too! But I was brave...I was not scared (it's my tail...it makes me brave I think). The stadium had these big metal noisy stairs. I took them like a pro. Truth be told my foster brother, who's kind of a flake, was scared! Not me! I'm such a trooper.
Ok anyway, I have a possible forever home family coming to see me on Sunday....gotta go prepare or at least confiscate some more fluffies!

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Elmo - getting comfortable!

Elmo is here!

Here I am! My Name is Elmo and no I am not red nor do I come from Sesame Street!
Anyway I am a big boy that arrived yesterday and thank goodness these people have a crate. Wow there was just too much room and I needed some security and I found it. By last night I got more used to the house and people and have learned to ignore the birds...wow they're noisey!
Anyway, I have learned the small set of steps to the back porch...my foster brothers made it clear that this is the way in and out of the house! I found the cat this morning. He wouldn't let me sniff him at all. Party pooper! They also have these two wonderful girls here. They have talked sweet to me, sat in my crate with me and even took me on a walk. Wow was I upset when they walked out the door for the schoolbus this morning. Why can't I go with them?!
Ok some other things about me...I can't quite handle dealing with the other dogs at mealtime...for now I eat in my crate. It's safe there! Besides being a rich dark brindle with baby eyes, I have a novel tail It has a character of it's own. I guess it got broken when I was a wee pup. It doesn't bother me...hope it won't bother you. I'm too handsome to let that bother anyone! I like fluffy toys to toss around and wow a rawhide is great too.
Ok I'll write more later....need to check in on my crate.