Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ok everyone, I'm back!!! Wanna play?

Ok so stuffies are wonderful!!! Did you know that?

Anyway, I digress...I am back. My family fell on some hard financial times and I went back to Greyhound Rescue. Not a bad deal though so far, I'm back in my foster home and boy am I having a blast!! My mom says I'm a whiner though so I guess I'd better watch myself. I do like to be around people that's for sure!

Anyway, I'm housetrained and am ok to roam the house. I am a big boy with really big feet!!! (Actually I think God got a little confused in my making and gave me Great Dane feet!) I can take steps like a champ and LOVE to run, but....if you don't have a minute to run with me I can throw some toys in the house and I'm ok with that! Boy do they fly high!

So if you want an easy dog who likes other dogs and was great with my family's kids, call Denise and tell her you need PATCH!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Patch is Back!

Ok so read back to July or so! His family fell on some hard times so he is back and looking for another forever home. He is fit and happy and friendly and will be ready to write you a note tomorrow! So keep posted for pictures and info on him.....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Skinny is gone...

Very sad news. Skinny had some medical complications and died this morning at the vets. We will miss him so much, but know that he is in hound heavan with all his stuffies! We will miss him sooo much.
If anyone would like to donate to help with the medical costs from Skinny's care, please log onto the website and make a paypal donation or mail your donation. Skinny would thank you with kisses! http://www.greyrescue.com/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skinny is here and boy is he spoiled!

Ok so I am here world! My name is Skinny but none of my foster family likes that name. We were thinking of calling me Skittles, because they are colorful and yummy and that better describes me!
Well as you can see I have settled right in. My foster sister, aka the lump in the bed next to me, is great. She is my best buddy (well ok so I am only using her for her bed!). She lets me sleep in her bed and you know what? I sleep ALL night with no accidents. In fact it's hard to get me up!
I just got here on Sunday but so far I have been a good boy. I can tackle the back steps, jump up onto the bed, and go in my crate in during the day with no problems. I will add more later but if you want to come visit me, AND you have a nice bed for me, please call Denise.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nectar is Home at last

Well I have gone. This is a good thing people!!! My new family came and brought my new brother and wow is he sweet. He was a little scared when he first got here, but I showed him around the place and he was feeling a little better. And guess what?! I am going to be a city dweller!!! I am moving in with the President! Ok that's a lie but I am moving to Washington DC so maybe we'll be neighbors and maybe I can be friends with their dog (I heard that dog is pretty hairy though and I bet it can't run fast like me). So my public tale ends here.....at my forever home!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

We had a great weekend. How about you? Well first my foster brother mowed the lawn. Wow was it fun following him around. Mom says it's a little unusual for a dog to like following a gas powered push lawnmower. But I read back on this blog site and guess what? Another foster dog liked the lawnmower too. I think it's a sign of intelligence, don't you?

Well, I've been here a week and think I have the people about trained so if you want to adopt them, call me....oops ! I mean I'm ready for adoption. So sorry about that. I get a little carried away!

Anyway, I have gotten quite friendly with the stuffies in this place as you can see from the picture. WHO got a pink one I don't know. Not a very manly color though. But boy does it toss nicely in the air. So do shoes, and tennis balls! I really got these people wondering the day the stuffie landed in the pot on the pellet stove! Wow what a good shot. I think I'll try basketball next.
So some behavior updates, I'm still wonderful! Oh and although I haven't tried the full set of steps yet, I am a pro at the set of 4 outside AND I actually like the cat! He looks so nice even though he still won't let me sniff him! Party pooper! I also had my first accident in the house today. Boy I won't let that happen again! Was mom ever mad, boy she hollered! Wasn't my fault though. She didn't let me stay out long enough this morning. Next time I won't let her sit on the toilet long enough and see how she likes that! Hmmmph!
Ok enough for now. Gotta hold down this nice dog bed....I hear the pellet stove warming up! Gotta get my spot in front of it.