Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give me more kisses!

Updates on Sonya

This is from foster mom this time....
Well Sonya has been here for a week and she is a wonderful girl. She walks nicely on a leash- she is quite dainty! She is also housebroken and only occasionally takes things...the ink pen for some reason seemed better than the rawhide chew-go figure! She also attended her first baseball game tonight and was quite interested in all the people and kids at the park.

Sonya is a great dog. Not demanding or high intensity but politely wagged her tail at the new people at the ball field and asked for a petting. Sonya responds well to 'no' and loves people and hugs but isn't too pushy. She even sat at watched fireworks this last weekend while the wimpy boy hounds ran around the yard like idiots or hid in the house. She would be a great companion dog for other dogs or hounds and a family with kids. She is an 'easy' dog and ignores the cat and birds -while in their cage- as well as the turtle. If you're interested in seeing her, please contact Denise.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tough being a greyhound...but I have a new friend

Ok so I'm getting the hand of this hound thing.....laying around in the grass is great! I also figured out how to get up on the bed! No wonder my foster family sleeps in one...wow! comfortable.
Well I want to introduce you to my new friend....isn't he cute? He's a lawnmower. This boy here mows the grass and I love to follow him around. Kinda cool huh? Only problem is that the lawnmower, as they call it, won't pet me or kiss me! There were fireworks last night here too. The other dogs were so scared they barked! Me? I just watched. Wow they were pretty. My foster mom says I'm a little unusual. I just go with the flow no matter how loud or crazy.

Well that's it for now. The patch of grass in the shade is calling my name! Please call Denise or email my foster mom (kidproof@qis.net) if you're interested in meeting me. I am the catch of the day and will melt your heart forever!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sonya' s best friend

Let me introduce you to my best friend. You see this young lady in the picture? Well she is my best friend, well one of them. My other is the other hound here named Jack. He and I race in the yard. The chick up above gives me lots of kisses. In fact, when I woke up this morning, I waited outside her bedroom door until she opened it.
Anyway, I have been adapting quite well to this house here. I steal recycling papers on occasion...the box for cream cheese is great. I also relocate the fluffies around here and have relocated a book or two off of a bed. The dog bed even changed rooms. Ha ha! these people got so confused. They all thought the other person moved the dog bed....NOT! it was me!

Anyway, I have adapted quite well. I love kids and people in general. I really pick up quick and learn anything you tell me.....as long as the payment is kisses! Please come see me. I am beautiful.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm sooo blue...because I need a home!

Hi ! My name is Sonya and I am a LOVEBUG!
I'm in a foster home as of last night and there is this really nice girl who I made friends with. She gave me kisses all the way home in the car last night. I on the other hand drooled ALL OVER the car. This girl's brother calls me slobber puss! That's not all there is to me though.

I am a beautiful, rarely seen blue Greyhound. My paws have white little tips...sorta looks like someone painted my toe tips! Then I have a little white on my chest. I am just beautiful and my personality matches.

I've only been here less than 12 hours but I met these two other greyhounds...they're boys- remember we fillies really rock. They are ok though. I get along with them as well as the cat. I slept in a little ball in my crate last night. Wow can I shrink into a roll.

Anyway, enough for now. Please come visit me I am the dog of your dreams!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cruzecontrol has been installed into a new home....

Well I've found my forever home. This nice lady came to pick me up today and you know she brought this little mop thing with a nose. My foster mom told me it was a dog too. Ha! That's a dog?! Oh well. It seemed nice enough. Anyway, I was wisked away to a new home and my foster mom told her all my secrets...
I like to have my head gently petted, that an old bedspread on the floor is the PERFECT bed, I like some rawhides sometimes, and nothing beats a good walk especially with my new owner......
Best of luck Strongs...I know you'll miss me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Ok This is humiliating! Do you see us? We are dressed up as the 'family'
Let me explain...there are three preteen girls here...yes three, and they decided that the old dress up stuff they used to use would look good on us....NOT!
Jack is the one in the tie-died shirt on the left, he's supposed to be the baby-note the bib. Mustang is in the middle. Not sure who he is supposed to be, and there I am on the right end with a tu-tu on!
I did try to tear it off as well as Jack's clothes. It was such fun in the backyard. Ok get this...the girls took us on a walk across the street! How embarassing!
You want to know the REALLY embarassing thing? I kinda like it! I will sleep like a rock later that's for sure.

Anyway, please please someone contact Denise Davis and help me...(pssst - Denise- be careful who you send next to this foster home-these people are NUTS!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not sure why I ever raced...this is far better!

Not sure what that racing thing was all about! This is far better...I am truly a greyhound!
Did you know that my foster mom looked up my racing history and I won 3 first places. One was even on her birthday last year. I must have known I would be staying here. Flattery never hurts.
Anyway, it has been an relatively uneventful day after the morning. Wow one of my foster brothers peed on the floor. Whew! did she yell. I didn't like that and just hung out in my crate. How stupid can you be?! (of course truth be told I lifted my leg a couple times the other day too-ha! won't do that again) Of course this is the same dog that ran the track in the back yard in the pouring rain. Again, how stupid can you be?! Lucky for you who wants to take me home, I'm brighter than that. Can't you see it in the picture?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Me and my friend....

Let me intruce you...this is the enemy. Not sure what it does but boy is it loud and things disappear from the floor when it goes by! Yikes! I might be next!
Anyway, a couple of other things about me, besides my fear of this 'thing'...
I can handle stairs...they're not so bad. I did really well in my crate last night. NO whining at all. In fact it was pretty nice there. Don't tell the other dogs this, I really don't think they've noticed, but I have confiscated most of the stuffies and other toys and taken them into my crate. What a stash I have.
I went out this morning to play in the rain with the brindle dog here. We played catch and ball. I play those games pretty well. Then I came in and parked myself in the best bed of all...The pile of old bedspreads! This thing is great. The older dog-Mustang thinks so too. Look up above the enemy...don't we look cute together?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

CruzeControl is here

Well I'm here...who am I? Well I am the best invention yet-


Anyway I arrived here earlier today and have already made one of my foster brothers a little mad. Not sure what I did...oh yeah, I licked mom. I really like people so I couldn't help myself. I guess he doesn't like to share.
My mom has some initial notes about me:

  • I am a lovey boy- hugs are great, kisses too
  • I love attention and if you call me in a fun voice (pretty much call me anything since I don't really know my name) I will come to you wagging my tail
  • I took a walk with my brothers this afternoon and did pretty well on a leash
  • I take direction well and so far respond to the 'mean voice' quickly- remember cruze control always aims to please...just set the speed and I'm there
  • I like my crate...in fact it's kinda cool to be in there just for the heck of it
  • I like to play with they stuffy toys and rawhides. I also like to jump and play with the other dogs (maybe that's what made them mad too!)

So that's all there is for now about me. If you like me, and I certainly do, contact Denise and maybe we can meet.