Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Progress my dear

Well I've been here since Saturday and I have really trained these people well. Actually mom was home today- she was sick, but I told her to go to the doctor and she did and guess what? She left me out of the crate and I was sooo good. I didn't get into anything. Before she left though, I did try a library book. Why do people read them? They taste better.
So next to the wonderful picture of me is one of my weaknesses. It's a bag of clothespins. Yes, I love them. I take them often and then the other day I gave them to my foster sister. I was so kind, she was in bed and I just laid them on the bed next to her. She was soo happy. Or at least I think that was the reaction. She was laughing at least!
Ok more updates later. If you want the perfect dog, please contact Denise and tell her you're in love!

Monday, March 28, 2011

NEWSFLASH- Stink Bugs don't taste good!

Take that from me. I am an expert now. This morning my foster mom thought that I had stuffy guts stuck in my teeth so she checked my mouth as I flung my head around. That was when I opened my mouth and out it came, still wiggling! boy did my mouth stink. I shook my head and it still stunk. Wow what an escapade. So like I said, take my advice and DON'T EAT STINKBUGS!

So I know you're dying to hear about me some more. Ok well I made it through the second night in my foster sister's room without any problems. Then I stayed in the crate all day-alone for 7 hours since a big yellow thing pulled up to the house and ate the girls up and drove away this morning. I would have been scared! When they came home I just stood and wagged my tail as my foster sisters came in the door and let me out of my crate.

Mom and my foster sisters have been leash training me and I'm making progress. I still cross in front of my people (I honestly don't see why this is an issue- they don't like me sniffing their butts either! Go figure!). My foster mom also says she's not going to try the steps right away. I'm such a good boy steps don't matter and besides, I can do the 4 up to the back porch so what's the big deal?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More about Dexter

Since I am so cute (getting egotistical aren't I?!) I thought I'd add some more pictures of me. So here they are. With these pictures you're bound to contact Denise and say I'm yours....

WANTED: Home with Stuffies

Well here I am, Dexter. My foster mom is so mean to me and calls me Poindexter and says I should have hornrimmed glasses and a pocket protector and wear a bow tie! So anyway, I am in search of a home. This home has to have stuffies like the moose I am carrying. Let me explain. Within 30 minutes of settling in at my foster home I had taken out each and every stuffy and paraded through the house! Wow I made a mess!

On to more serious business. I was such a good boy last night I slept in my foster sister's room on a big blanket on the floor and didn't make a peep! I got up, ate breakfast with my foster brothers and went outside. As for the sore on my nose, it's from my muzzle in the car on the way to Denise's house. It's healing nicely and doesn't seem to bother me at all. My foster mother put some ointment on it.

So a little more about me. I haven't tried the steps yet, I love stuffies, am leaving the birds and the cage alone, and the cat hasn't shown his face since I've been here so I'll let you know about that when it happens. Besides the stuffies, I LOVE people. You know what they do? They pet me and kiss me and hug me. Wow, life is grand!

So that's the start with me. I'm getting typers cramp (no one told me that this job required typing skills. Thought I was just a foster dog).