Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Just part of the crew

Ok so I've almost been here a week. Mom says I'm a good boy and boy do I let her know I'm happy about that!!! My tail wags so well. The spring must be new cause it's always going! Anyway, I put up with quite a bit here. They put sunglasses on me last night! Wow...it was dark! But they were cool...they're in the shape of stars and I AM a STAR!

Ok so my foster sister has a habit of laying on me to hug me too. I guess that's ok. As you can see that's fine with me! I love the attention. She gives me kisses too. So like I said my foster mom says that I'm a good boy, and I have really tried. The piece of French toast this morning was too much to resist though. And boy was it good!!! The cat has been scared to come up from the basement but I just stare at him as he sits on the top step. I really just want to sniff him.
So that's it for now. Mom says that I'm just like her other two boys and like a regular dog here. But truth be told....I'm special!!! and much better than a regular dog!! If you want, come see me!!! Call Denise and come visit...only if you give me a hug and a kiss!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 3....I am SOOO good

Ok public, here is my info....
I am just a 'wonder dog'! I have been so good I have ignored the birds in their cage and BOY are they loud! I think they're upset 'cause I'm here. Tough luck for them huh?! I have tried sooo hard to get someone to give me part of their dinner or breakfast but have been pushed away! Rejection! Uh! So anyway, I am now walking pretty good on a leash. My other foster sister has taken me on a walk and said that I stuck my head against her leg like a magnet. I guess it made it hard for her to walk?! Silly girl, I just really like people and want to stick to them! I did work my way into my foster sister's (the human that was on the first picture) bedroom and slept all through the night with no accidents or cries! I was a good boy from about 10 PM to 5:30 AM...what a champ! During the day, I'm in the crate with no hassles for about 7 hours. Track dog? I think not!!

Ok so my down falls....I think that the recycling bag is really fun to go through! A frozen pizza box makes a great toy! So does a slipper....wow have you ever thrown one of those things in the air!!! ok enough for now...time for the crate....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Is This All"? AKA Nectar is here! And boy am I sweet!!

Well I'm here and like my nickname implies, I am soooo sweet! See me? I've already charmed my foster sister and I've only been here about an hour! Since I arrived I've checked out the birds in the cage and done a 'sniff over' of the downstairs. Oh and I figured out the back steps too. The plan is to charm my way into my foster sister's (the one in the picture) room tonight and see if she'll let me cuddle with her in her bed. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, gotta go. The human children are acting stupid in the other room and I need to check it out. Ta ta for now!