Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ok I am the champ!!

Ok so my training of these people continues.....I've actually accomplished my training...they love me! My foster mom calls me a pest though.  What's that supposed to mean?  I mean, seriously....I don't counter-cruise (that is unless you're doing something up there and then I try to help), I've had no accidents in the house, I don't even need a crate!  I even walk pretty nicely on a leash. Good Grief Mom...give me a break!

Anyway, I have to also share a success with you.  Yes I've done it, all on my own...I CLIMBED THE STAIRS!! So my foster brother, who happens to be human, was sitting at his desk on his computer. Jack, the daffy resident dog who lives here was laying on the boy's bed, and I walked up the steps and into his room.  Boy was he shocked!!!  So anyway I feel a little silly because from downstairs, I figured all the people just disappeared into the upstairs at night and I just went to bed downstairs.  Now I can actually go visit upstairs!  Life is good!! 

So did you know they have birds here? wow! I look at them sometimes, but they're boring.  Peanut butter, dog treats, and hugs and kisses are much better than birds!

Ok gotta go.  A rawhide is calling my name...if you're interested in having me as your owner, please call Denise and we can arrange a visit and I can check you out to see if you're an acceptable match. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm Here at Last

Thank goodness I'm here at last.  Let me introduce myself, my name is Skipp.  Yes that's with two Ps. Don't ask me why, it's just because I'm special and let me tell you why.....
Well I arrived at my foster home yesterday.  I came from Florida which is a crazy long drive, but I don't mind drives in the car.  In fact I just plopped myself down and relaxed.

My foster mom says that I'm pathetic. My foster (kid) sisters told me to use dictionary.com to look the word up.  It must be something nice, 'cause she's so nice to me :)

Anyway, I'm quite a character in appearance.  I have lots of marks on my body telling the tales of my four year old life.  Many will heal as my coat gets nicer.  My nose has marks on it from my muzzle and I've worn my teeth - including my canines down somehow at the track, but let me tell you I can eat just fine!!! AND I love bisquets and peanut butter.  Yum!!! I love to be around you too. But I was ok in the crate in the house yesterday for a couple of hours while the people were out (Shhhh I had the snack with the peanut butter...don't tell the other dogs, they don't know).  In fact I slept out of the crate with the run of the house last night and didn't bother a thing...no accidents either! 

Ok some more interesting things...my tail...it's short and I don't recall being born with a shorter tail.  But just like my short teeth, the tail works just fine.  It just wags a little different but it wags A LOT!!  I have taken all the stuffies out of the container and spread them all over the floor.  I tried to blame it on the others, but I think my mom knows differently.Last but not least, I haven't quite figured out the steps going upstairs to the second floor.  I'm fine with the four going out to the back yard, but teh 12 going up!  Yikes!

Ok getting writers cramp in my paws so enough for now.  If you want to visit me please contact Denise and fill out an application so that I can adopt you.