Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Monday, July 15, 2013

BINGO is back and it's time to WIN!!!

Well I'm here and I'm back and it's time for you to get the winning card....ME!!

I'm BINGO and I was a foster dog about 2 years ago and I'm back.  I'm four years old now and I'm ready for your house.  I lived with a family in the city for two years and they had some people problems so I'm back in foster care.  I'm a good boy though.  I can handle steps like a champ, sleep in my bed, and I'm housebroken.  I've been a little nervous since I've returned just from the adjustment, but I'm settling in nicely. 

So please call Denise and fill out an application and maybe I can take you for a walk and adopt you!  

BINGO is back and it's time to WIN!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sibling time! Welcome Ruth

Good Evening!  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Ruth and I'm here visiting my brother, Jack.  (by the way I am laying on a stuffed moose in the picture. Aren't I cute?) We haven't seen each other in quite a few years...about 4 1/2 years to be exact.  But I'm retired now.  I had a lot of puppies...yes I was still working while my slacker brother retired early. (psst...I know the real deal- that idiot never even made it to the track so I don't know HOW he can say he retired!) 

Anyway, here I am. My foster mother dragged her feet allowing me to get on the computer. She said it's because deep down in her heart she'd really like to keep me!  Let me tell you why, here goes- You'll love this- I am WONDERFUL!

I am house trained....had one accident in the house, and none since.  I sleep nicely in my foster sister's room on the floor on my bed. They don't even have to crate me during the day.  The worst thing I do is drag ALL the stuffies....yes I said ALL of them throughout the living room.  I make quite a mess, but hey, I don't get into the trash, I leave the birds alone, and I don't chase the cat.  The only thing I haven't really figured out yet is the stairs going up to the second floor.  I manage the smaller sets of steps quite well, but 12 steps....nah! Don't need anything up there that bad!

So if you'd like to see me, please tell Denise you'd like to be approved by me.  My foster mom said you'll have to keep in touch so that me and my brother Jack can play sometimes.  Apparently I'm the only one he plays well with! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Here I am.....Rojas

Ok so just to make it clear, Weazel is no longer here.  He left a while ago and my foster mother was slackin and didn't update the post. But that's ok, because my name is ROJAS and I'm even better!

So I got here after a long car ride on Sunday and settled right in.  Cats....pshhhaaaa no problem.  Birds.....ha! not a problem either.  They're both pretty nice, even though one of the cats keeps chasing my tail.  What's with her anyway?!  So last night I slept with my foster sister.  The human one.  I know I'm a little forward, but her room is so nice and she was so sweet to me.  My name should actually be shadow since I follow the humans around.  I like them a lot. I wag my tail some, but I just hold still when they kiss me.  I like it alot but I'm not used to it.  Usually we dogs sniff butts.  These people haven't tried that with me yet.  Go figure....

Anyway, I haven't had an accident in the house and the people even left me out to roam the house a couple times since I arrived. I was a perfect angel. Not sure what they'll do tomorrow.  They keep talking about 'work' and 'school'.  Not sure what that is but I'll figure it out.  Just like the steps.  I got the front steps and the back steps to the yard down pat.  Of course just when I figure it out they get this freezing rain nonsense and it gets slippery.  That's why I won't try the inside ones.  There's a lot of them inside so I'll just stay on one floor.  Goodness knows they might be slippery too.  So enough for now.  Let my foster mom or Denise know if you want me to bless you with my presence! Oh and also, my human foster sister says it looks like I have eyeliner on....what?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm not what my name implies! I promise

Well I'm here and no I am not a weazel, but my name is Rocken Weazel.  I know.  How embarrassing! Anyway, the only thing I'll do is weazel into your heart because I am a love bug.  So let me explain.  I got here yesterday and this is really the first time I've experiences a house.  That is why in my picture here I'm looking a little insecure!

I have some endearing qualities such as - looking into the reflection on the oven with curiosity....why would another dog be in the oven?! and I can put my paws up on your shoulders to look at your face if you talk silly to me.  I like to hang around my people that's for sure. 

I like the other dogs here too.  I even like the cat and although I'm curious about the birds, I've left them alone.   I am a real curious guy.  I sniff everything and sometimes I knock them over.  Sorry! I think sometimes about counter cruising, but they holler "No!" at me when I've thought too much about it.  I'm still working on a couple of things.  I peed in the house one time.  I tried on another occasion, but again the "No!" was heard.  The time I did pee, it was right next to the back door where we all go out.  So I think that's the idea.  They never holler at me when I pee outside.  I'm also working on the steps.  Wow! They're really scary.  The other dogs are really brave and go right up and down.  I'll keep going on it.  Hopefully I'll get it soon.  I'm also working on walking on a leash.  There is so much out there that I need to get to and QUICK but my foster mom says I have to be patient and just walk.  Sleeping through the night is the last thing I'm working on.  My foster mom said I kept her up all night by walking around her room. She said I'd probably sleep better tonight.  It doesn't matter to me!  I can sleep whenever I want to!!

Ok so I'll keep you posted. If you want to let me weazel into your heart, call Denise and we can have a date!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fergus is here!!

Hi, let me introduce myself.  My name is Fergus.  I am a sweet brindle boy- my foster mom said she'd get pictures later- who was returned because I was grouchy around people and smaller kids.  I just got here so my foster mom said she'd 'evaluate' me.  What in the heck is that supposed to mean?  Anyway, pictures and more updates later.  For now I'm gonna check out the yard.

I'm at home now....Skipp

Ok so my foster mom is a slacker.  I was actually adopted last week and I actually had to text her to remind her to update the blog... humans....I guess you gotta love 'em!

Anyway, two potential families visited me last weekend and the first family said they needed time to think.  The second visitor I told him he was mine right away. In fact I wanted to make sure he didn't get away so I crawled up into his lap. Ha!  I showed him, and now I have my forever home :)