Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I have adopted my forever dad!!

So it happened today.  I saw him from across a crowded PetSmart. There he was and I knew he was mine.  I was at the Meet and Greet in Westminster today and I've adopted my owner!!  He really didn't have much choice. It was all up to me and I chose him!  I even filled out the contract (and some people say dogs can't write....ha!) He is GREAT!  Such a wonderful guy.  I leaned on him (as only a good greyhound will do) and although I was a curtious host to all the other people who were curious about our group, I always went back to my new owner.  He is a great petter.  I miss him already since he has to get my house ready for me he can't take me right away.  So I have to put up with these foster people for a little while longer.  But it was greyt telling you my story.  You'll probably see me somewhere in the papers.  I think my new forever owner has grand plans for me :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A chair with a view

So I may not want to leave this place after all.  Look at me!  I can sit in a leather chair right in front of the window!  Who can beat that?!  I will say though that my foster mom had a sleepless night my first night.  She called me a whiner.  Hey I was scared. I gave her a couple of hours of sleep, didn't I?  Anyway, since that night I've been fine.  She let me have the run of the house.  So last night, you know where I slept? right next to her in bed!!! Ha what a sneak.  She was so warm and snuggly. 

So here are a list of my charming qualities: I handle steps like a champ, I LOVE to play with stuffies -especially without an audience...I get embarrassed easily.  I can sing/howl if you get me started, I haven't counter cruised when no one is home (at least that they've noticed!) and I love to play with the kitten here.  She loves me and rubs her body up against my nose.  I also have not tried to eat the birds yet.  I wonder what cockatiels taste like?  Anyway, they're fun to look at and sometimes I whine at them. But I've been good.  I also eat like a gentleman, love hugs and kisses, go to the bathroom outside, love hugs and kisses, and am learning to walk on my leash.  Did I mention that I love hugs and kisses?  Oh and by the way, you can just call me a pillow.  I love to lay down with my people and be used as a pillow.

Ok fans, enough for now.  I need my beauty sleep.  Maybe someone will come and visit me soon. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I RECKON I'm back!

Hi my name is Reckon So and I reckon I am back and looking for my forever home. I was in a home for the last 5 weeks but my dad got a new job and I couldn't wait so long to see him again. So I'm back with a foster family and getting acclimated. I love people and you know what? They have a kitten here and she loves to play with me. My foster mom hollered at us though because we were running through the living room playing. I guess she was afraid of something she called a tornado. Don't know what that is 'cause I'm a greyhound and Chloe is a cat. (I think my foster mom isn't the brightest bulb in the pack!). So I'm busy getting adjusted. I just turned three on Valentine's Day, but that's ok because if you adopt me in time, we can celebrate St. Patrick's Day together- Right? I think green kibble would be good. Anyway, contact Denise if you're interested in my beautiful self :) PS don't mistake me for the big black and white guy...he's an old fart - my foster brother. <