Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm not what my name implies! I promise

Well I'm here and no I am not a weazel, but my name is Rocken Weazel.  I know.  How embarrassing! Anyway, the only thing I'll do is weazel into your heart because I am a love bug.  So let me explain.  I got here yesterday and this is really the first time I've experiences a house.  That is why in my picture here I'm looking a little insecure!

I have some endearing qualities such as - looking into the reflection on the oven with curiosity....why would another dog be in the oven?! and I can put my paws up on your shoulders to look at your face if you talk silly to me.  I like to hang around my people that's for sure. 

I like the other dogs here too.  I even like the cat and although I'm curious about the birds, I've left them alone.   I am a real curious guy.  I sniff everything and sometimes I knock them over.  Sorry! I think sometimes about counter cruising, but they holler "No!" at me when I've thought too much about it.  I'm still working on a couple of things.  I peed in the house one time.  I tried on another occasion, but again the "No!" was heard.  The time I did pee, it was right next to the back door where we all go out.  So I think that's the idea.  They never holler at me when I pee outside.  I'm also working on the steps.  Wow! They're really scary.  The other dogs are really brave and go right up and down.  I'll keep going on it.  Hopefully I'll get it soon.  I'm also working on walking on a leash.  There is so much out there that I need to get to and QUICK but my foster mom says I have to be patient and just walk.  Sleeping through the night is the last thing I'm working on.  My foster mom said I kept her up all night by walking around her room. She said I'd probably sleep better tonight.  It doesn't matter to me!  I can sleep whenever I want to!!

Ok so I'll keep you posted. If you want to let me weazel into your heart, call Denise and we can have a date!

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