Jack- foster brother

Jack- foster brother

Monday, January 28, 2013

Here I am.....Rojas

Ok so just to make it clear, Weazel is no longer here.  He left a while ago and my foster mother was slackin and didn't update the post. But that's ok, because my name is ROJAS and I'm even better!

So I got here after a long car ride on Sunday and settled right in.  Cats....pshhhaaaa no problem.  Birds.....ha! not a problem either.  They're both pretty nice, even though one of the cats keeps chasing my tail.  What's with her anyway?!  So last night I slept with my foster sister.  The human one.  I know I'm a little forward, but her room is so nice and she was so sweet to me.  My name should actually be shadow since I follow the humans around.  I like them a lot. I wag my tail some, but I just hold still when they kiss me.  I like it alot but I'm not used to it.  Usually we dogs sniff butts.  These people haven't tried that with me yet.  Go figure....

Anyway, I haven't had an accident in the house and the people even left me out to roam the house a couple times since I arrived. I was a perfect angel. Not sure what they'll do tomorrow.  They keep talking about 'work' and 'school'.  Not sure what that is but I'll figure it out.  Just like the steps.  I got the front steps and the back steps to the yard down pat.  Of course just when I figure it out they get this freezing rain nonsense and it gets slippery.  That's why I won't try the inside ones.  There's a lot of them inside so I'll just stay on one floor.  Goodness knows they might be slippery too.  So enough for now.  Let my foster mom or Denise know if you want me to bless you with my presence! Oh and also, my human foster sister says it looks like I have eyeliner on....what?

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